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Our goal is to provide extraordinary service and value in the residential and small commercial window cleaning markets of San Diego County.  We are committed to the highest standards of excellence to ensure that each window will look its best.  We define “extraordinary” as being able to do the ordinary better than anyone else!

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Standard Services Include:

  • Windows washed inside and out
  • Frames/sills/tracks wiped clean
  • Screens hand washed

Additional Services Include:

  • Deep cleaning of frames & tracks
    (Window frames & tracts requiring more than a basic wipe down includes brushing and vacuuming the tracts)
  • Hard water spot removal and glass restoration
  • Blinds and shutters
  • Chandelier and light fixtures
  • Wardrobe, bathroom and floor to ceiling mirrors
  • Skylights
  • Rain gutters and downspouts
  • Paint over-spray and stucco removal

*Exterior only package also available

Janitorial Services

  • Professional Offices
  • Churches
  • Preschools

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Commercial Services (1-5 stories)

Standard Services Include:

  • Windows Washed Inside and Out
  • Frames/Sills Cleaned

Additional Services Include:

  • Seasonal Window Paint Removal
  • Adhesive Removal

Post Construction and Remodel

Standard Services Include:

  • Windows Washed Inside and Out
  • Frames/Sills/Tracts Deep Cleaned
  • Removal of Paint, Stucco & Adhesives

Solar Panel Cleaning

Residential & Commercial

Solar panels are safely cleaned to help increase panel efficiency using the latest cleaning technology.

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