My Boys and Me Window Washing Services

My Boys & Me Window Washing applies state of the art window washing technology, using only environmentally friendly cleaning solutions that are more gentle than ammonia or harsh chemicals. Using green technology is not only better for your home or business, but is safer for the environment.

Residential Window Washing Services

Standard Services Include:
  • Windows Washed Inside and Out
  • Frames/Sills/Tracts Wiped Clean
  • Screens Brushed Clean
Premium Services Include:
  • Deep Cleaning of Frames & Tracts
    (Window frames & tracts requiring more than a basic wipe down includes brushing and vacuuming the tracts)
  • Screens Hand Washed
  • Hard Water Spot Removal and Glass Restoration
  • Paint Overspray and Stucco Removal

*Exterior only package also available

Commercial Window Washing Services (1-3 stories)

  • Windows Washed Inside and Out
  • Frames/Sills Cleaned
Additional Services Include:
  • Seasonal Window Paint Removal
  • Adhesive Removal
  • Janitorial Services

Post Construction/Remodel Window Washing Services

  • Windows Washed Inside and Out
  • Frames/Sills/Tracts Deep Cleaned
  • Removal of Paint, Stucco & Adhesives

Additional Cleaning Services – add an additional service to your window washing appointment and take 10% off the total

  • Rain Gutter and Down Spout Cleaning
  • Blind and Shutter Cleaning
  • Solar Panel and Skylight Cleaning
  • Chandelier, Mirror and Light Fixture Cleaning (inside or outside fixtures)
  • Hard Water Spot Removal
  • Glass Restoration for Shower enclosures and Windows
  • Janitorial Services – Our Clients Include: Professional Offices, Churches, Pre-Schools
  • Power Washing


7 Day Rain Guarantee
All Work 100% Guaranteed
Professional, Dependable and Reliable

 My Boys and Me Window Washing